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Your technology partner always ready to walk that extra mile to make your digital world interactions, a delightful experience.
A solution provider with a strong footprint in RIA, Smartphone Integrations, Custom ERP and Digital Media space

We have a strong focus on

Rich Internet Applications

Building high precision applications

Advanced mathematical transforms and models to solve complex business problems

Achieve simple and easy-to-use UI with advanced skin handling

Smart Integrations

We transform your business processes into robust and easy to use smartphone applications

Custom ERP

We build ERP solution customized to your unique need

Digital Media Footprint

Digital media, making your presentation layer equally good as your robust backend

Can we make any difference for you ?

When we ensure a robust backbone for your digital presence, we confirm your credibility in the market which definitely means more business

New markets generally demand original and novel approaches to problems. We stand to provide matching solutions for your high endeavors.

Older technologies become obsolete and newer technologies take over. With our strong technical depth, we promise your position in the new trends.

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100+ man years

Business fields

Strategy, design, technology & solutions Applied Services

Main offices

We are located across offices at Bangalore(India), Delhi (India) and Chicago ( USA )