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When people wish their near ones.

Personalize greeting cards to your need !

When you see a fully automated
publishing house

Build your newsletter or let your consumers create their own cover page for a novel.A high performing app which can handle extra large images with pixel manipulation in much easier way.or WISWYG.

When advertising agents are highly productive along with being creative

Enabling users to edit, reposition , resize , write annotations to the images and that too without losing the image quality.

When BI tools are giving easy interactive ways for customers to read data

Drilling down and drill across to your wealth of data for all your analytical need is much easier and user friendly now.

When you say don't see SAP! We bring in, SAP with new height of user experience

Marry SAP with Flex , the intuitive UI and easy navigation gets a whole new meaning.

When you are contributing to news online

An application which allows you to play an active role in the process of collecting, reporting, analyzing, and disseminating news and information.

When you want to design and buy your own t-shirt

When large document repositories are made available for the public

A unique solution designed to automate the process of converting InDesign documents to HTML and publishing to CMS based websites or portals, where a user can easily browse and search the contents over the internet.

When you edit your videos online

Video Editor

When you are using Collaborative tools

When Businesses are managed centrally

When huge industries are running

ERP custom built to cater to the need and rules of the land.

When distribution agencies are delivering products and bills timely

DMS , a complete newspaper distribution management solution, designed to tackle critical challenges across the distribution supply chain.

When Hospitals ask to fill online
assessment forms

When you buy products online

Payment Gateway Integrations

When you use your Smartphone to navigate to your friends place

GPS navigator integrated with Google API's

When you need key business processes on your smartphone while you trave

Integrating ERP and CRM business processes with smartphone makes life easier.

When you use your Smartphone to navigate to your friends place

GPS navigator integrated with Google API's