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Mobile video streaming is the technology of providing video to a mobile device through wireless digital signals. This new kind of technology has been applied to mobile phone and cell phone devices, as well as to some other kinds of wireless devices that can receive digital broadband signals through the air. Demand for streaming video and audio on mobile devices is increasing daily. Streaming media is now quickly becoming part of what customers expect from a mobile device, and electronics companies are racing to deliver a greater variety of traveling devices that will showcase the ability to stream digital video.

Broadcasters, news agencies, mobile service providers and other multimedia content providers are investing millions to reach this large and rapidly growing audience. Whether your mobile audience is streaming live concerts, watching breaking news, video is the medium that takes the mobile experience to the next level.

In order to take the opportunity to exploit all the advantages of the mobility, most of the organizations demand services of mobile architecture to ensure the link between the wireless initiatives and their Business objectives.

Yewes Offers

Yewes has a vast experience in the area of rich media solutions such as standard and high definition live streaming in some of the following industries.

* Broadcasters, studios, local affiliates and networks that require scalable, leading-edge, rock-solid reliability and quality - live and on-demand.

* Businesses and enterprises that need a compelling communication platform to deliver corporate communications effectively and efficiently.

* Content delivery networks needing to maximize their investments, and ensure the highest quality of service to their customers.

* Network service providers offering mobile and IPTV streaming solutions.

* Digital signage integrators employing live and on-demand video content to engage consumers and maximize advertising revenue.

* Government institutions that need to meet a mandate with proven streaming solutions that deliver exceptional value.