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EasyPublishTM is a unique solution designed to automate the process of converting InDesign documents to HTML and publishing to CMS based websites or portals, where a user can easily browse and search the contents over the internet.

An InDesign Document (Magazine, Book, Brochure etc.) with a table of contents is fed to the Adobe InDesign Server to be processed by the EasyPublishTM engine, which generates an XML file. The generated XML inherits the structure of the document pages with each node representing a page. EasyPublishTM Web interface has an intuitive wizard that present user with the Table of Contents in the form of an interactive tree, with each node bound to its parsed contents. It allows user to edit the contents and rearrange or move them from one node to another. User can also customize structure of Table of Contents with operations such as node deletion, addition, rearrangement, renaming or repositioning of the images present in the document. The changes suggested by the user is persisted back to the database.

EasyPublishTM web module is built upon a well structured database with tables representing Project Metadata, Table of Contents, Content format, Publishing Domain Names, Publishing Domain Ports, Users and User Roles. The application also enables the user to automatically publish the converted HTML documents to the different web servers through utilizing TYPO3 CMS extension.

This solution not only automates but also gives the flexibility to customize non-compliant legacy InDesign documents and review it before publishing to CMS based websites or portals.