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DMS is a first of its kind, complete newspaper distribution management solution, designed to tackle critical challenges across the distribution supply chain.

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Daily purchases of different news products and their fluctuating Daily sales with end-of-day product Reversals make the newspaper distribution work very tedious and much prone to errors and data loss

Unmanaged and manual handling of subscribers/subscriptions by a vendor draws more wastage and financial errors/lags.

Effective advertising in a region is not feasible since the data of the target subscribers are never recorded or only partially maintained due to the limitations of the manual process.

Customer bills are generally delayed and erroneous, especially when number of subscriptions for a customer is large. Erroneous bills with no individual accounting for missed deliveries, subscriber vacation and plan change. Further, the pending bills cumulatively adds up to relatively huge financial loss due to imperfect revenue flow.

Faulty business process impedes growth and generates fatigue even when the business is still only marginally profitable. Bad accounting practices project false idea of business profitability and lead to frequent loans expecting short term profits which may further exacerbate the situation


India is one of the few countries in the world to have many newspapers vendors with large numbers of subscribers. In other developed countries, Newspaper industry is declining due to internet as people go online to read this but in India internet penetration is still very low and newspaper circulation is still growing.

However, it has not been able to upgrade its distribution process with the technology. It has been challenging for software industry to fill this gap due to complexity and uniqueness in the business. DMS with its highly intuitive user interface allows to quickly configure and setup your data , hence filling the gap.