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User Conference

The US office in Chicago invited diverse companies from the publishing domain to launch promotion of Yewes editing tools and publishing products. However, most of the promoted products were built on Flex and Java, some used other open source technologies ....

Smartphone Development 03.01.2012

Yewes celebrates one year of iPhone development services. The celebration culminated with the announcement of new products in the pipeline and establishment of a new section for the IPhone team

Social Responsibility 28.04.2012

Yewes stands with people in helping them live a free and dignified life. Yewes recognizes the power of education in the upliftment of the depressed sections of the society. Knowledge liberates human beings from the shackles of ignorance, prejudices and poverty; and brings harmony and prosperity. Yewes collaborated with Rhazes Educational Trust and took its best foot forward to extend the reach of education to the yet unprivileged class thorugh programmes that focus on child education through community mobilization..

Custom ERP-Way To Go!

Yewes ushers into custom ERP space. The ERP GM has indicated that current industry trend has a clear shift from 'buy then customize ready-to-go expensive ERPs' to 'built for self custom ERPs'.


With different political and social systems working in different countries, the law of land changes and impacts the rules of businesses and consequently renders most of ready-to-go ERP solutions useless. With the new complexities and nuances creeping in the RFP, major customizations are required which cost customers double the time and money.


Yewes custom based solutions is focused for specifc industry verticals and geography. The team's knowledge base and rapid development process makes it easier to build an ERP in nearly one fourth of a cost , and in the same duration as any standard ERP product promises.


Moreover support team has a better control over the application architecture and ability to modify the source code makes it easier to enhance and maintain.

Currently, Yewes has solutions for Retail and Fertilizer industry verticals. However, with some of its modules like HR and Finance being generic, they can be deployed to any industry vertical with only minor customizations.