Education is a
great liberating force...


Education is a great liberating force. It has liberated human beings from the shackles of ignorance, prejudices and poverty, bringing harmony and prosperity. We are striving hard to extend the reach of education to the yet unprivileged class. It includes programmes that focus on awareness, mass mobilization and community led programmes. The programmes are generally led by
social experts
or community psychologists.


We believe it is schools that play the most crucial role in the development of an individual. Every child in itself is leaned towards self-actualisation and once able to understand his/her surroundings strive to realize his/her potential. Our job is to provide such an environment and learning in his/her early stages that removes all impediments and nurtures for his/her growth.


Families are the first institutions a child interacts with and it plays an important role in shaping the psychological construct of the child. If not well guided, a family can stifle early dreams of a child and may distract her into other works. This is especially common when these children are a means to earn money working hours daily in sweat shops. To ensure success, the programmes must work at community level and involve the families of children in the effort. There are specially designed programmes that helps our workers win the confidence of these families. Such programmes include “Food for all” and “Health Care” initiatives; that caters to the immediate needs of the community. Frequent street campaigns and interactions with parents at community level focusing awareness on health and education are also instrumental in bringing about change.

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