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Smartphone IntegrationERP Applications

With many businesses reaching well beyond the use of cellular phones through linking the mobile workforce with the enterprise and its data resources

Real time information from any where and to any time


In the current market scenario enterprises are investing huge amount on information technology, which will be motivated by the new requirements of the market and will focus their attention especially on the mobile devices.There are several options of mobile applications oriented to the specific needs of particular functional areas of the companies (commercial, IT, transport, etc…) in which the collection, dealing and management of data in real time leads in an important competitive advantage that will be translated into an improvement in the productivity, better management of the Business, optimized customer service, that in all will mean an increase in the benefits.

Therefore, having a mobile device connected to a transmission of data service will allow the enterprise to achieve a return for the maximum amount of time of the external personnel for a better use of their daily workflow, as well as the possibility to avoid unnecessary movements to the work centre.

In order to take the opportunity to exploit all the advantages of the mobility, most of the organizations demand services of mobile architecture to ensure the link between the wireless initiatives and their Business objectives.


Yewes Mobile ERP applications gives real time analysis and reporting tools that give you unprecedented insight and control over your operations and are accessible from Pocket Pcs, PDAs and smart phones and capable of deployment across multiple locations.

The mobility application can be installed in “stand alone” models (without integration to the corporate systems) as well as integrating to the data structure of each company.The solution ensures a complete integration with the management system, leading into a considerable reduction of administrative costs. By the use of this system the users will have the possibility to have better sales and better services, and they will also be able to reduce the time of waiting.