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Simplifying Education Management by integrating various departments with in the campus and campuses located in different geographical locations

Automating and integrating various institutional activities


The much sought after Indian workforce that has propelled India to the top of several global competitive indices is not only attracting prospective employers to the country but also the education system behind this workforce is now driving a prolific education market. It is the boom time for the education industry in India as the concept of business through education catches up with the Indian market.

With the stupendous growth of education sector, educational institutional are becoming increasingly complex organization. Understanding the current situation Yewes comes out with a very interactive and robust ERP solution for educational sector.

Yewes Solutions

With the extensive “enterprise implementation experience incorporating latest technologies our automation solution allows Institutions to update their activities 'in house’. Technical knowledge or web development experience is not necessary. Anyone who can use Microsoft Windows and can browse the internet will have no problem using this system. Entirely database driven, Automation is incredibly robust – making it suitable for needs ranging from low traffic, small processes to large organizational changes and decisions requiring a long chain of approvals and revisions. The product suite provides exhaustive set of modules that includes solutions for student registration and admissions, library management, financial accounting, payroll management, hostel management, fee collection, asset and inventory management amongst others. We provide the product suite that is tailor-made for the requirements of our clients and integrates functionalities like mail, SMS, IVRS, et cetera


Improves access to accurate and timely information Enhances workflow, increases efficiency, and reduces reliance on paper, tightens controls and automates e-mail alerts. Provides user-friendly Web-based interfaces Streamlines processes and eases adoption of best business practices. Establishes a foundation for new systems and integrates existing systems. A main advantage of ERP systems is

  • Paperless Office
  • Productivity
  • Traceability
  • Accountability
  • Interrelated modules

YEWES Differentiators for this Engagement

  • Well-established capability in enterprise applications such as Vantage and PerformancePlus.
  • Yewes has a dedicated team, with established services and resource pool for enterprise level applications. This CoE is leveraged to provide technical expertise, domain knowledge and best practices for all engagements for continuous improvement in services.
  • Immediate availability of the resource that can work on the application under scope of this project and understands the technology domain extremely well with strong project management skills.