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CMSCustom Extensions

We search the world for the solution that fits you and if a solution doesn't exist, we create it

Extending application functionality to bring your service closer to the user

If you have any idea or feature that you wish to implement on your site or would do a few things differently. At Yewes we have built custom extensions and customized existing extensions to suit many purposes.

We provide customized solution by extending the technologies which suites your business. We providers and develop extensions, some very complex, for large businesses or any complex businesses with specialized requirements, keeping in mind the particular demands of the current IT architecture within which they will be integrated.


  • We develop extensions for TYPO3 for large, complex businesses having specialized requirements.
  • We provide Magento customization services of any complexity level.
  • We develop extension for Joomla that take Joomla sites to the next level.