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ERP & CRMChemical Industries

Our ERP software provides unparalleled coverage and access to operational intelligence, decision making based on real-time data

Integrates all data and processes of an organization into a unified system


Over the past 30 years, chemical industry operations has grown manifold to meet the demands soaring day by day due to the ever widening gap between the demand and supply hence there is intense pressure on the manufacturing plants to utilize their resources.

Manufacturers face ongoing challenges related to getting real-time information about their plant floor operations. Not integrating the plant control systems with enterprise applications—for example, enterprise resource planning (ERP), SCM, business integration (BI)—results in larger-than-necessary inventories, inaccurate planning and operational decisions, and lower quality and consistency of the manufacturing process. Plant operations solutions enable plant-level production applications and business systems to share information in real time, exchange services with each other based on open standards (like S95 B2MML and OAGIS), and cooperate in end-to-end business processes using the information and services.

Yewes Solutions

Yewes enables rapid implementation of ERP at affordable cost by implementing a new breed of Open Source products including Openbravo ( Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Compiere ( ERP and CRM Business Solutions. Yewes allows you to “own” their CRM software by implementing Commercial Open Source CRM platforms like SugarCRM ( Commercial Open Source CRM. Depending on the size and complexity of the client’s environment, Yewes can implement either Mambo ( or Joomla ( Open Source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) for simple and quick deployment or Alfresco ( Open Source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) for complex, large scale deployment. Yewes, with its strong domain and technology experience in online (email) marketing provides best of breed open source marketing solutions. Yewes incorporates Pentaho-based Business Intelligence and Data Mining solutions - a full-featured and award-winning BI platform from the Open Source community to achieve BI success for clients. Yewes brings its global project management (PM) expertise and experience by offering license-free webbased open source project management tool Achievo to its client business needs.

Financial and strategic benefits

  • Gained greater transparency across all business operations
  • Integrated cross-functional business processes throughout the organization
  • Improved ability to measure process effectiveness and efficiency
  • Quick review of performance metrics to help management decisions
  • Automation of report generation and creation of production flow and approval documents

Operational benefits

  • Increased efficiency in management of raw materials, daily production, and finished goods
  • Improved visibility into field stocks, sales and distribution, and dealer payments
  • Reduced purchase cycle times
  • Better single and multi-dimensional views of high level statistical data
  • Advanced change tracking system